In this video we used macro lenses, moving time-lapse controller and a variety of homemade tools to expose the beauty behind the process of dissolving pills.
We used 2 macro lenses, Canon MP-E 65 for the closest range shots, Canon 100mm L for the medium range, and Canon 50mm 1.4 for the surrounding shots.



In some shots we also used the Genie time-lapse controller to precisely spin the base of the pills tank while the camera stood still, this technique adds a real camera motion and reveal a deeper view of the
Most of the shots took over 10 hours of time-lapse recording, this caused a steep learning curve and made the lighting set up and environment planning pretty complex. For example, in some cases I had to gradually heat the water after a period of time to fully dissolve the pills without interfering with the first thin layer. The time-lapse movement, light changes and the very sensitive macro environment were only a few of the factors that made this project very time consuming and challenged me to find creative solutions.scene.




Pills Dissolve In Macro – Behind The Scenes

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